Critical Needs In Ukraine

Critical Needs In Ukraine

Giving Hearts International continues its work in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, helping those in critical need, with a focus on orphans, women and children.

Giving Hearts has an ongoing commitment to supporting ongoing projects, initiated since February 2022 (see list at the bottom)

Current needs include:

  • Food aid for up to 5,000 families per month
  • Medical supplies to individuals and hospitals
  • Gasoline and diesel costs for food and medical transportation to remote villages
  • Energy generator for orphan and women's shelters
  • Wood burning heaters for partially destroyed homes
  • Mobile showers and bathing facilities for temporary refugee centers in Southern Ukraine during counter-offensive
  • Electricity, gas and utility support for Giving Heart shelters in Southern Ukraine

Completed projects so far:

Fed 55,000 Ukrainians through the delivery of 300 tons food aid from Germany:

  • GHI pays for diesel & gasoline costs from Europe to Odessa, and from Odessa to 8 Ukrainian cities
  • Purchased a cargo van in Odessa to offload food pallets and transport aid to Eastern and Southern regions

Purchasing food from local farmers and delivering to Nikolayev, Kherson, Kharkiv and Chernigov villages

Feeding 1,000+ families each month.  At times delivering food to cut-off regions where other aid agencies backed out.

Chernigov and Nikolaev Cargo Vans: purchased 2 additional 3 ton food aid vans for our partner non-profits in the Chernigov and Nikolaev regions. GHI also provides food and gasoline for these efforts.

Odessa Orphanage: built a 3 story center that is sheltering up to 70 people this Fall. Dedicated to temporary refugee housing of moms + children fleeing Southern Ukrainian fighting.

Kherson Women's Shelter for displaced women with HIV and their children:

  • Installed wood burning furnace and centralized heating to insure affordable source of heat
  • New windows and doors
  • Providing continuous funding for food and heating

Delivered medical devices to Bucha and Poltava hospitals:

  • Worked to obtain costly medical equipment from Switzerland into Ukraine

Nikolaev Well Pump: drilled a well to provide up to 10,000 citizens clean drinking water

Kyiv Pediatric Clinic paid salaries for staff of 15 doctors for treating wounded and war affected children

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