Dnipro, UKR Mother & Child Home

New Mother & Child home in Dnipro, Ukraine

Dnipro, UKR Mother & Child Home

Giving Hearts International continues its work in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, helping those in critical need, with a focus on orphans, women and children. 

We are committed to supporting ongoing projects, initiated in the past, as well as new projects.

You are invited to be part of the solution by investing into the projects below.  

New Major project for 2024

  • A new orphan/women's shelter, ​​in Dnipro, to evacuate, shelter and care for mothers and children from the Eastern Ukraine Frontlines
  • This is our 3rd “Mother and Child Home” project.  There are a lot of displaced people in the city, and there is a strong demand for housing. With our trusted partners, we found a large renovated house for 20 - 25 people, with more than 200 sm, and six rooms
  • Our mission is to help with the mental, physical needs, and rehabilitate mother’s and their children after serious life traumas. 
  • Specialists will work with the mothers and children; we will help mothers gain new skills and education.


  • Rent and utilities
  • Beds & linens
  • Refrigerators and washing machines and other supplies
  • Food and hygiene 
  • Psychologist and teachers


  • We are committed to support the rented building for 1 year
  • We will work with the partner to increase efficiency and optimize operations of this project.
  • We will consider acquiring a permanent building if the initial year is successful

Recurring work: 

These are ongoing needs we continue to support to ensure previous projects are properly funded and successful.
  • Electricity, gas and utility support for Giving Heart shelters in Southern Ukraine
  • Monthly support for women's & children's shelters (Odessa & Kherson)
  • Rebuild homes damaged by Kahovka Dam blast in Kherson, Ukraine
  • Firewood and heating support for different regions of Ukraine
Help us reach our goal by investing into this work. This work can only be done with donor participation. We appreciate you!

Goal: $50,000

All donations are tax deductible in the United States

Completed projects so far:

Odessa Orphanage
  • Built a 3 story center that is sheltering up to 70 people since Fall 2023. Dedicated to temporary refugee housing of moms + children.  Paying monthly salaries to a doctor, psychologist and teachers.
Helped Rebuild
  • Replaced roofs and helped with restoring homes in Kherson after the dam explosion that caused a great flood in the area.

Financed food and transportation:

  • GHI pays for diesel & gasoline costs from Europe to Odessa, and from Odessa to 8 Ukrainian cities
  • Purchased a cargo van in Odessa to offload food pallets and transport aid to Eastern and Southern regions
  • Purchased a cargo van in Dnipro to evacuate children from hot zones.
Purchasing food from local farmers and delivering to Nikolayev, Kherson, Kharkiv and Chernigov villages:
  • Feeding 1,000+ families each month.  At times delivering food to cut-off regions where other aid agencies backed out.
  • Chernigov and Nikolaev Cargo Vans: purchased 2 additional 3 ton food aid vans for our partner non-profits in the Chernigov and Nikolaev regions. GHI also provides food and gasoline for these efforts.
Kherson Women's Shelter for displaced women with HIV and their children:
  • Installed wood burning furnace and centralized heating to insure affordable source of heat
  • New windows and doors
  • Providing continuous funding for food and heating
Delivered medical devices to Bucha and Poltava hospitals
  • VAC units and surgical lights
Nikolaev Well Pump: drilled a well to provide up to 10,000 citizens clean drinking water
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